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ukraine's eastern city of slovyansk comes under missile attack with the army stepping up its offensive against. civilians in the crossfire. every. violence is forcing women and children to flee their home marty talks to refugees from these lines have been turned upside down by the fighting. rival camps those sets up their campaigns one hundred days ahead of scotland's a historic independence referendum look at the arguments from both sides. glass walls as
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a un says water shortages so will fuel major conflicts for the world's most. we explore how such battles are already starting to happen. welcome to our day international live from moscow are you with me it's good to have you company with us deceive me. the latest reports from ukraine's eastern city of slavyansk to say it's once again been targeted by government troops the army reportedly stepped up its offensive against militia groups in the region with civilians caught in the crossfire four people including a child were killed in a strike the on sunday woman you can see in this video was a severely wounded by shrapnel from one of the missiles as she was riding her bike through the city likely medics who were quickly on the scene and able to get her to
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hospital and this is a burning building is what remains of the certainly the landmark merchant house where four year old girl was also reportedly killed during the attack the house in the room and say it was popular with young families the military sources claim and to kiev militia we're using it as a bare. now the central square of the city has also come under fire locals claim of the attack happened when many people were on side following a trail of service a constant danger has forced people to leave their homes while as they have met some of those fleeing the violence in neighboring lugansk. going to do so still exists not safe for them to stay here after everything that is happening. we want them to stay alive a bittersweet for world families leaving for an uncertain future bitter
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a scary went to sleep at night because the bomb will forward everything and. so it's really scary we're making our way to the russian border no one's quite sure how safe this journey is but people here desperate to leave they've been on a waiting list for days the phone call came in the morning giving these women less than four hours to pack up all their belongings and leave again the big one we don't know what will happen there and for how long the situation will continue we want to return home as quickly as possible but they say they have no choice they simply have to go see one of the airplanes in the bombing said the scariest because you don't know where they're going to fall and when we can't always stay in a basement because of the small children victoria is traveling with her two daughters and like all the women here she's left behind a husband and family yes my grandfather grandmother and my father stayed behind.
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i told my father and grandmother that i want to come home to them it's a three hour drive to the russian border and in every organizer has asked us not to interview him on camera because he says he's getting in debt rates before putting this trip together and many feel torn about taking the decision to leave velour worries about a father he left behind. it's really hard to the girls are you probably won't see him for away a long time. due to it's game on him being. even years thousands of women and children have already made this journey and thousands more on waiting lists trying to leave the crossing through the ukrainian border and we're having to fullness a little bit discreetly as there are border guards everywhere the people in the past are preparing their documents and russia the final destination. it's just a few minutes away. i congratulate the repass in general with crossing the border to russia i am. tears of relief but
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for many here this is just the first difficult step towards an uncertain future. on the ukrainian russian border this by the violence and deaths in eastern ukraine european politicians remain indifferent even though it was them who respond to the fire that's according to the leader of france's national front party marine le pen who spoke to r.t. is a sophie shevardnadze don't miss that interview later today we are at the culmination of a cold war that has been fought against russia by the united states to which the european capitals have completely submitted on an international level it's as simple as that under shame as well or do you know if i meet them or they will and i would like to seize this opportunity to express my compassion and my sadness and my disgust to see these civil make to him is in the east of ukraine victims who are dying
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surrounded by the general indifference of the european political the world feels and media. it is a real scandal which is happening on our doorstep. reporters from russia as it at us news agency and there's vias to a news channel have been denied entrance into ukraine the border patrol said that they hadn't provided enough documents to explain the purpose of their visit to the country meanwhile two other russian journalists who have been detained in ukraine for two days have arrived back in moscow and the crew from the t.v. channel were captured at a checkpoint near slavyansk while they were on route to cover the inauguration of ukraine's new president the security service had accused them of observing and collecting information on an army checkpoint it was the latest episode in
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a number of similar accusations and detentions of russian journalists in the area the pair were released on sunday night and taken out the country in a russian military aircraft here's our encounter an account of what happened to people who detained this used force and tried to find out if we belong to the special services we were treated quite badly it was hot it was dirty and often painful we also didn't get enough food it was a small room with a china window and not enough oxygen security was closing the window it was at least fifty degrees celsius inside we also did not have much water in the u.k. it's just the one hundred days before the historic referendum for the scottish independence and as the clock counts down both in and out camps are stepping up their game for now polls show the no vote lead a but the separatist campaign is are steadily gaining supporters with
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a four percent rise over the last four months however those who want to say goodbye to british rule have plenty of issues to wrestle with only boyko looks into some of them. scotland potentially going it alone is more than flying a flag and picking and and it would be a difficult divorce and both sides are throwing around figures and forecasts that are arguably leaving wavering scots scratching their heads one thing that scotland currently enjoys under westminster rule is the e.u. membership but the president of the european commission jos a manual barroso has said that it would be extremely difficult if not impossible for an independent scotland to join his club many leaders of the european union have made it very clear that not only would it not be automatic they also wouldn't look favorably upon scotland applying to become a member of your pin you down the line but those in the yes camp say that the e.u.
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can't just kick out all the scots that are already members five minutes to does make a choice for their country's independence i know from dealings with diplomats of politicians across the union he will accept that nato is another elite members club that the yes campaign insists it would be able to stay in the big part of nuclear. resting in scotland and the yes campaign of the s.n.p. have a strict no nuclear policy no nuclear weapons policy and whether they will stick to that or whether they will decide that actually they want to be more flexible in order to become a member of nato remains to be seen those for independence point to some notable exceptions to that rule scotland is a the very heart of the north atlantic she would be would be very interested in but doesn't have nuclear weapons and one of the most contentious issues that is the
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estimated price of going it alone u.k. treasury analysis put scotland start up costs at one point five billion pounds that figure has been rubbish by scottish national party leader alan. examined although he's staying tight lipped about what he thinks it would cost so it's just one hundred days to go it seems that there is just one undisputable fact and that is that neither side knows what's going to happen if the yes camp does when and bear in mind it's like being behind in the polls at the moment well then both sides will have to enter a complicated negotiations that could take many years to settle. see london. are to gauge the opinions of her supporters and opponents of scottish independence here's what each side had to say. scotland. and your money and they also got a good deal a deal of money out we have a lot of pensioners in scotland we've got to worry about i want to pay off our
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pension bell the oil is his base can get taxes and roll change from what. you know the oil prices dropping through the floor you can be sure. you know your tire calling me on oil will be together through war and peace in these people's fanatics but for what it's worth is. for the for the united states and we want to break with that and everything but we we want to say that we want to have influence we want to have influence with partners the way the economy in britain has been run just know it's leading towards massive inequality on a historic scale and i think the real question is can we afford not to vote yes in september the referendum scheduled for the eighteenth of september as the day of a potentially groundbreaking vote approaches is keeping its nose to the ground stay with us for the detail coverage along with expert opinion and analysis.
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coming up ahead abandoning the step we take a look at how a great town a name for its shipping traditions is trying to survive the economic slump. plus a newly reelected syrian president announces a general amnesty our correspondent brings us the latest on the move of white off to the break to stay with us. schizophrenia care of ukraine has a new president and he has made it clear we have no new ideas on how to resolve the country's dire problems but it says he wants a peaceful ukraine but he would use inaugural address because he did declaration of war they are going to make to. choose your language. calling sleeker though if
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you're going to. choose to use good consensus you can. choose to continue to. choose the stories that impact your life choose me access to. thanks. i marinate joining me. for today's impartial and financial commentary interviews and much much. only on the bus and only on our.
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desire to international serious reelected president bashar al assad has announced a general amnesty for all crimes committed to date that's after he won the country's presidential race last week by a landslide ideas where if you don't snow reports now. what we see is actually him keeping his promises that was assad's major points during his election campaign reports say it will not affect those charged with terrorism the country's justice minister clergy are following the news the decree was issued in the context of social forgiveness national collegian calls for coexistence and this is exactly the syrian army that after years of diverse war that continues we saw this initiative attempt for reconciliation in the city of homs that used to be the capital of the uprising against the authorities in the central syria following the dialogue between the authorities and the rebels the militants agreed to withdraw
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from the old town that the time for months and actually four years and now the government is doing its best to try to help them reintegrate into syrian society and experts say following this report of a general amnesty that it will. build bridges of trust between syrian people and build. reconciliation and forgiveness atmosphere in the country. the greek government may be hailing signs of the country's economic recovery but it seems people aren't sharing that optimism although unemployment slightly still remains the highest in the e.u. does marina kossovo looks at how the country's time on a shipping industry is still fighting for survival. a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions that's how locals and better might describe the current situation and the country where maritime traditions go back centuries just a half hour drive from athens it's one of greece's most important historic shores
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and ship building has always been the bread and butter for people living here that's until the crisis kicked in and kick business out to shipyards in china korea and turkey behind me is the biggest ports in greece once providing services to tens of thousands of ships a year that's no longer the case as the economic crisis has brought the country to its knees we travel to the ports of curious to speak to the locals and figure out if it really has nothing to offer but a memory of better days. people used to work here and now we have one hundred to two hundred people a day at most and out of those who are here many aren't even getting paid. never left my god i haven't been paid since october just like many other people but we come when we work because it will lose the money otherwise it will probably end up having to go to court to get it it's not just workers who are struggling but employers to one of the main problems is the rigid labor regime imposed by unions
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which significantly increased costs but as part of a controversial reform package in february employers can now ignore those union wage agreements but this can be a double edged sword. we have no electricity no water and we're on paid those who can't take it do those who can't. we've asked the labor minister to me just fill times around ninety percent of workers don't have health care a meeting hasn't happened they refuse we can't even get to that and we approached the shipping minister and he said you're right let me see then but there's been no one said we're trying and if things remain the same if the industry continues to stagnate there's worse to come according to some sort of standing up as he said the child will be sick on an island one day and there will be no ships to take them to hospital because so many of them are closing their someone and wanting to go to
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a neighboring island will have to come here first because there are no connecting journeys at the same time you have thousands of people here waiting for work that many call the current situation absurd irrational and inhumane and it's only when you see a woman break down in tears asking not to be filmed because her family has been humiliated enough that you really understand how greeks are coping or not marina call survivor porton fartsy from greece. the united nations estimates in just a fifteen years from now around half of the world's population will suffer from a lack of water its recent report also predicts the vital resource will become the main driver. of regional and global conflicts of all the water covering the planet only around two percent as freshwater about a fifth of the global population are currently under so-called water stress with their country's underground reserves already severely depleted the figure is
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dramatically rising with almost one third of the world's population predicted to be hit by critical shortages over the next decade now also in demand is the fresh water has tripled over the past five decades and global water consumption is looking less likely to sustain population growth now a combination of over crowding population pool resource management and climate change will bring major security threats these are the concerns that have been raised by the un secretary-general ban ki moon is also warning that the water scarcity could cause conflicts in foreseeable future but as it is going to report the water was already becoming a reality. u.s. intelligence report predicts that in less than ten years water could become a cause in a weapon of war particularly in the middle east and north africa but it seems that time has already come example syria very severe drought started in the region
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around two thousand and eight it continued for many years and it led to decreases in agricultural production that led to increased unemployment to migration of large numbers of people from the rural areas of syria into the cities and growing unrest which contributed to the conflict islamist militants in syria have used water as a tool in the fight against the assad government when they targeted pumping stations in aleppo last month leaving two million people without drinking water in libya the conflict has led to the destruction of the water supply system which the late colonel qadhafi had spent more than twenty billion dollars to build french companies are now said to be showing interest in privatization of libya's public water system after the us invaded iraq it secured one of its largest corporations with a contract to repair the country's water supply the same back to lead being forced out of believe the after years of public protests broke out at the price hikes for water the company went into the country thanks to the world bank the organisation
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said he would only give believe in a development aid if the public water system was privatized similar conditions are forced on many other countries seeking help the trend toward privatization of water is a difficult one and a very controversial one is likely to provoke more tensions around the world if it continues according to the center for public integrity western nations stand to make up to one trillion dollars of privatizing purifying and distributing water in the middle east and north africa where water often cost more than oil one hundred years from now. we're going to have to pay incredibly high prices for water wars are going to be fought for water meanwhile more than one point two feeley of people in the world don't have access to clean water the un predicts it will get worse many say water will become the oil of the twenty first century and
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whether controls water will have an enormous influence over any country's growth and prosperity and it seems the race for the control of water is on in washington i'm going to shut down a party. well there was no shortage of water in russia's east last year where the region suffered devastating flooding and while many people were left homeless it seems of the wising water gave one under usual item a new home and they don't come much more unusual that part of a huge misawa archies ahead of social media is here to say some light on this story i've often had i would see that to tell us more about this series i mean look this is we're having a bit of fun with this one this is one of those only in russia stories that we all know and love so much so the region of altai which is close to russia's chinese border is suffering some quite very serious flooding right now about thirty thousand people have been evacuated but the flooding in the rising floodwaters brought this monstrosity into a local village and this photographs were taken by
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a local policeman who found this in his garden and sparked a lot of theories in that story was picked up by local media in. thailand it's basically got a little bit viral and made its way to moscow now the theory was but is that because people in the far east no closer to baikonur cosmodrome are baikonur there was a lot of suspicion around that this may have been a stage of a failed proton rockets. that was debunked. next theory up was a element of an intercontinental ballistic missile that people thought that this was actually the missile but it turns out that we're trying to give her a vacation as we don't have it yet but it turns out that the what you're seeing there is actually a fuel tank from an intercom to the intercontinental ballistic missile that a local may have been using in his garden as a water tank to beautiful it's a good story and if you want to you can check it out or to talk a good story there's going to be lots of theories coming out and of course who says russians can laugh at themselves here we are having a bit of a jerk was here all right i will try to in other world news coming out in brief for
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you right now now truck bombs have been used against the offices of two kurdish political parties north of the iraqi capital we have a story for you at least twenty nine people were killed in the first attack so a side bomber drove a vehicle packed with explosives into a checkpoint and when people rushed to the site of the blast another truck bomb detonated hours later a triple bomb attack reportedly killed three in baghdad. like a son the taliban has claimed responsibility for the five on the country's largest in karachi they at least. ten militants stormed the side under with grenades machine guns and rocket launchers they reportedly used fake i.d. cards to access the area in a gun battle with police all the attackers were killed in the assaults dealt a serious blow to hopes of peace talks resuming. brazilian police have
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used tear gas and stun grenades on the striking public transport workers three days before the world cup kicks off the protesters have been demanding a hike in salaries young going strike has forced traffic chaos in the country's business been numerous protests across brazil ahead of the supporting a strike against the people outraged by the excessive spending on the twenty. a moscow court has handed down sentences to five men for the murder of the russian investigative journalist. when he got sky up pardon me tour of them flown to have been directly involved in the killing were given life behind bars for three conspirators was sentenced to between twelve and twenty years now the middle of the investigative journalist who was shot dead in the elevator of the building where where she lived in central moscow was back in two thousand and six this estimation is still to be linked to her work questions remain over ordered the hit
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. by coming up a clash of opinions in cross talk with me to develop back in half an hour. or so we believe. are the seat cushions your. mother your party there's a good. shoes that no one is asking with to get that you deserve answers from. politics. your friends post a photo from a vacation you can't. comment different. the boss repeats the same old joke of course you like. your ex-girlfriend still tends to rejection poetry. nora's.
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post only what really matters. to your face but you speak. low and welcome to cross talk for all things are considered. schizophrenia care ukraine has a new president but he has made it clear he has no new ideas on how to resolve the country's dire problems but he says he wants a peaceful ukraine but in his inaugural address he issued a declaration of war and an ultimatum whose agenda is he pursuing. to cross talk to crisis in ukraine i'm joined by my guest. in cleveland he is
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a professor and former czechoslovak diplomat in boston we have daniel patrick welch he is a writer and political analyst and in moscow we cross to mark he is the senior lecturer in researcher at moscow state university for the jelling crosstalk roles in fact that means you can jump in anytime you want and i very much encourage it's go to cleveland first ukraine has a new president but he has no new ideas let me what do you make of what it said put it on the back of his trip to normandy. turned the page. make certain breakthroughs possible and. many other people more realistic were afraid to expect it. korea for. the program which is a full scale war on eastern ukraine with any qualms with any quarters given he essentially warrants that eastern ukraine the donuts and the guns people's republics submit surrender and does arm and four of the four bush and co and
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his. patrons this would be peace or pacific nation in history we know that certain powers were calling for peace or pacific ocean and by that they often extermination of war and removing any resistance or in a disarm the stones in the way this is the case right no ok daniel what do you make of it in boston here because then i keep seeing these windows of opportunity closing it shan't go is making it very very clear that the people of the east people be and i want to stress on this program the anti care of folks not the pro russian folks because that's an illusion the anti care folks he's not taking away their rights right there he's not taking them into consideration whatsoever we see the violence again against them continue well i think one of the things i think it's unfair that he's getting all the credit instead of jen psaki since she
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obviously had it and in writing that speech is completely a complete boilerplate repeat of a state department edict this is where actually us wants for four for ukraine and see you know when when putin said in to be fair to put i know he's taken a lot of flak right now but in paris he said well this is what he says in paris let's hear what he says in ukraine ok in kiev and in fact. look no i was going to i'm sorry to interrupt you keep going oh. that's all right i call him. in code because in russian means like night commode so you have president hologram you know talking to president turd buck.


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